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Statement of Faith

The following is a general statement of faith for Outward Focused . It is not intended to be used as a creed nor a substitute for personal priesthood. It does, however, represent the views of the leaders and board members of the ministry.

1. Bible: We believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired Word of God and our standard for faith and practice.

2. God: We believe in the one triune God revealed in the Bible. He is creator, redeemer, and the sovereign ruler of creation. He is the Author of truth, love and faith.

3. Sin: We believe that man was created in the image of God. Through disobedience mankind is separated from God, and without God he is without hope. Man’s salvation is the total work of God whereby He solemnly binds Himself to all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord to bring them from the state of separation and sin to the state of reconciliation and glory through faith in Christ.

4. Jesus Christ: We believe in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, who was crucified and died substitutionally for man’s transgressions, buried and raised from the dead on the third day, and ascended to God the Father. The scriptural evidence that one has repented from sin and put this faith in Jesus Christ includes public confession of Christ our Lord, and baptism in water.

5. Covenant Life: We believe that all who so confess Jesus Christ as Lord and King are part of His kingdom and should live in covenant loyalty with one another. This means laying down our lives for one another if necessary. On a daily basis, it means learning to love each other in practical ways, forgiving, serving, and correcting one another in a brotherly fashion when necessary.

6. Church: We believe the nature and purpose of God is revealed in His Church. The Church is Christ’s body in the earth. We believe the church Universal consists of all believers, while the Church local is a body of believers baptized and joined together, practicing the new covenant in a specific area. Since the Church is one as God is one, the Church local must seek to walk in harmony with the Church Universal.

7. Holy Spirit: We believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, that He is the active agent of the Trinity. All that the Father planned and the Son made possible is made available to all Christians by the Holy Spirit.

8. Priesthood of the Believer: We believe in the priesthood of the believer. Jesus, through His shed blood, has become our High Priest and has made it possible for us to have access to the presence of the Father. In His presence, we can come to know God and to receive from Him. We are like-wise responsible to come to the Father in confidence and faith as a priest unto Him under the new covenant, and there to minister both the worship of our lips and the worship of our life sacrificially to God.

9. Evangelism: We believe in world evangelism. We accept the commission of Jesus Christ, to make disciples of all nations, to baptize them, and to teach them to observe His commandments. We accept this as a personal commission, as well as a commission for the entire church.

10. Ecumenism: We believe God views His people as one people, and all Christians share the responsibility for division and reconciliation. Our continual prayer is to see God’s people walk together in peace.

11. Civil Authority: We believe God is the author of all authority. He has ordained civil government for the establishment of order and peace in the nations. He has ordained government in His Church to bring it to righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. We believe there should be mutual respect between civil and spiritual authority. While civil authority is separated from church government, it should not be separated from God and His law.

12. Tithes and Offerings: We believe the Church should be supported by tithes and offerings of those committed to its mission. We further believe that when people serve God with a free spirit, there is financial abundance to accomplish God’s purpose.

13. Christ's Return: We believe in the visible return of Jesus Christ to manifest His government in the earth. We believe Christians should lovingly look for His appearing, giving full attention to obedience while He tarries. We believe that the righteous who have died will be resurrected at His appearing.

14. Judgment: We believe in the final judgment at the end of the age. The righteous and the wicked shall stand before Him and be judged. The righteous will be rewarded and enjoy His eternal blessings. The wicked shall be eternally punished.

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